Amazon will invest up to $4 billion into OpenAI rival Anthropic

Amazon will invest up to $4 billion into OpenAI rival Anthropic
Photo by Sunrise King / Unsplash

The technology company takes a new leap in its commitment to AI.

New giant bet in the race of big technology companies to take a leading position in the world of artificial intelligence. Amazon has signed an agreement with the startup Anthropic , considered the moon of the main rivals of Open AI, creator of ChatGPT , to invest up to 4,000 million dollars in the company and boost its growth.

As part of the agreement, the company created by Jeff Bezos will take a minority stake in the capital of Anthropic , while the startup will have access to Amazon chips, and will help its development, while using Amazon Web Services to develop and train the model.

Anthropic is the company that created Claude , an artificial intelligence assistant very similar to Chat GPT. This type of application has become popular in recent months, with launches such as Google's Bard , however, there is a particularity that intensifies the rivalry between this startup and Sam Altman's company : Its founders, the brothers Dario and Daniela Amodei , worked at Open AI and left the company with another group of former employees to found Anthropic in 2021.

In just two years, the company has raised several rounds of capital, the last in August when the Korean telecommunications operator SK Telekom invested 100 million dollars in the company (94 million euros). In May it had already received financing for a total that exceeded 400 million euros.

According to a presentation obtained by the American media TechCrunch , the startup's objective is to raise 5,000 million dollars (4,701 million euros) in two years to be able to continue training its expensive AI models. On its roadmap is the launch of a new model that would be 10 times more powerful than current models.

Amazon 's initial investment will be 1,250 million dollars (1,175 million euros) and may be expanded. With this alliance, the company seeks to be on par with its two main rivals in the world of the cloud, Google and Microsoft , which had their own chatbot in the case of the former and an agreement with Open AI in the case of the latter, similar to the one signed now. between Amazon and Anthropic.

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